‘I actually like her’ Twitter reacts to Katie Hopkins’ Living with Lucy

Last night, Irish TV audiences feasted their eyes on one of the most talked about programmes to hit our screens this year.

TV3's Living With Lucy, follows presenter, Lucy Kennedy, as she moves into the homes of various celebrities and public figures for a weekend, and this week's guest may have been the most controversial yet – Katie Hopkins.

Famous for her unpopular opinions, Katie Hopkins has no qualms about sharing her strong views with the world. 

And rather than brush that under the carpet, Lucy challenged some of her controversial comments and even called her an “absolute b*itch” while discussing her tweets over dinner.

But it wasn't all insults and name calling (she was living in the woman's house after all) – the pair actually managed to find common ground on a number of topics including marriage and motherhood.

The show was full of ups and downs, and many viewers took to Twitter to admit they had changed their mind about the 'most hated woman in Britain' – though not everyone was converted. 

Here's how audiences reacted: