Hurray, no more messy bedsheets! The fake-tan PROOF onesie is here


We all know what it’s like to spend the night laboriously putting tan on, only to wake up the next day to find our bedsheets have been completely destroyed.

Well, the tanning gods have finally answered our prayers with a fake-tan-proof onesie.

The ‘Tansie’ – which was created by spray tan artist Cathy Hedley – is doubly effective as it protects your bedsheets from your tan while ensuring your tan stays picture perfect.

The product's creator told Daily Mail Australia that she would cringe to see her clients putting tight clothes on over their fresh spray tans.

So to solve the issue she created a loosely-fitted spray tan dress and the Tansie.

This special onesie zips up the front, is lined with leopard print and is made of a lightweight material to ensure you don't overheat while your tan is baking.

Sounds like everything you'd want in a onesie. We'll take about ten, thanks.