Hugh Jackman: ‘What a difference FAIR trade makes to farmers’


Would changing your cup of coffee make a difference to the world? That's what actor Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness wanted to find out.

The pair travelled to Ethiopia with World Vision's chief executive Tim Costello so they could create Dukale's Dream.

Dukale is a coffee farmer living in Yirgacheffe region – the birthplace of coffee – and at 27-years-old, runs a coffee bean farm with his wife Adanech.

Hugh swapped the glimmering lights of Hollywood to witness first hand the hard work of Dukale and the poverty he faces.

The actor was so touched by Dukale's story, that when he returned to New York, he felt compelled to make a documentary of his experience.

Speaking first-hand about it, Hugh said: "Going to Ethiopia with World Vision and meeting Dukale taught me and Deb what a difference fair trade makes to the income of farmers, and consequently their ability to break the cycle of poverty."

World Vision Ireland are screening Dukale's Dream all around Ireland, and if you want to see the six-year journey, you can check where your nearest screening is here