Huge news for Geordie Shore’s Charlotte!


All we can say is…wow! Geordie Shore’s Charlotte has had a hell of a few months, putting her all into losing weight and unveiling her new figure only weeks ago.

Now, it has been revealed that her DVD, released in time for the new year, has broken records to become the first fitness DVD to top a mainstream chart in over TEN years! Not only that, but the DVD has reportedly sold twice as many copies as…wait for it…FROZEN! Is that even possible?

According to The Daily Mail, when compared with the highly successful fitness DVD released by Davina McCall which sold 19, 913 copies, Charlotte is way ahead of the game with 41, 251 sold so far. 

It seems that Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz has become a firm favourite with those looking to lose a few inches, and Charlotte has become their inspiration!

The reality TV star spoke of her shock at the DVD’s success, saying: “I can’t believe my DVD has outsold Hollywood films like Frozen. Now I’m determined to keep the weight off. I never want to go back to that beached whale look I had before.”