How to tell if you have been doing too much exercise

If you are really pushing yourself to achieve a goal or are training for a marathon, you may very well actually be over-training.

But, do you know if you are pushing yourself too much? Here are the top tips to tell if you are over training:

You can’t finish your workout
If you can’t finish off your normal workout it is a sign that your body is overworked. Give yourself a day off and get to bed early.

You are struggling to sleep
Training too much can leave your body over excited, leaving you restless and unable to settle into sleep.

You’re sick
Being constantly sick is a sign that your immune system is down and you have been pushing your body that bit too much. Take a few days off to allow your body get back on track.

You are tired after your exercise
You should feel an energy boost after a good workout. However, if you have been feeling more tired than energised after a workout it’s time to take some time out.