How to stop the post-drinking food binge

Seriously, what is it about alcohol that makes us crave a Big Mac or giant bowl of salty chips as soon as we have taken a sip! It does nothing for our healthy eating – excluding the drink of course!

Here are three ways to make you stop craving those extra calories:

Have a good meal before you go out
We’re talking a proper, hearty dinner, potatoes and all. Not only will it soak up the alcohol, it will also fill you up enough to not crave that chipper after.

Drink plenty of water
We definitely promote sensible drinking here at HQ! Not only will water help you to keep your senses, it also helps to prevent dehydration caused by the alcohol which causes you to think you’re hungry.

Leave early
Simply drinking less than you normally would will help keep those cravings away. And leaving early is not nerdy… we promise!