How to reduce the impact of jet lag


There is nothing more annoying on a holiday than jet lag – well, there probably is but this it is pretty bad.

Thankfully, while you can’t completely prevent it from happening (unless you don’t fly too far away), there are ways to lessen its impact.

If you are flying to a country with a significantly different timezone – we’re talking Australia, here – you might want to gradually adjust your schedule to suit your new timezone.

The journey
 Set your watch according to your destination time and eat and sleep at the right times.

Drink water
Make sure your body stays hydrated so drink plenty of water throughout the journey. This will also help to keep your mind focused and aware of your surroundings.

Go to bed straight away
If you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night head to bed straight away, but make sure you get up at a reasonable hour in the morning – even if this means you only get four hours sleep!