How to pick yourself up after a day of bad eating

It’s easy to fall off track every now and again, but when a day of bad eating is followed by a very guilty conscience, things can get pretty ugly. We have a tendency  to go overboard and think that starving ourselves will make up for all the bad eating the day before.

Since this can be very dangerous, it’s better to choose a healthy route:

  • Get rid of sugar, salt and bad fats from your diet.
  • Get a good bit of protein and fiber into your meals because slow-releasing carbs will keep you going for longer and stop you from getting sugar cravings (which we’re trying to avoid).
  • Get moving! A bit of physical activity will not only keep you away from those sweets, but it will also release feel-good hormones and keep you smiling.
  • Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. This will balance out the hormone that tells you when you’re full with the one that lets you know you’re hungry.