How to make the most of a weekend break


Getting away for a weekend is often more trouble than it is worth. It can be expensive and two nights away is just never enough, especially when you want to see as much as possible.

Stick with us and you’ll definitely get the most out of your weekend break!

Make sure you book a hotel that is right in the heart of the action. If it’s a tourist hotspot, nightclubs and restaurants should be all within walking distance, you will definitely be able to see more.

Don’t check a bag
Unless you are heading away for a weekend of shopping, don’t check a bag in. It can get lost – yes, it has happened, and you’ll just spend your weekend away without any clean clothes.

Don’t over schedule yourself
If you want to see a certain site, put it in your itinerary but don’t put too many things down. You’ll end up seeing a whole load of sites, without really seeing them.

Bring your money
You don’t want to spend your time looking for an ATM machine so try to bring cash with you or even your credit card – don’t forget to pay it back though…