How to look sexy without looking tacky


As you know, there’s a very fine line between sexy and tacky. Some women can get away with looking sexy by showing a bit of skin, while others look sexier when they cover up some more. Either way, you need to know your body shape and what you can or cannot get away with.

Here are some guidelines to help you look sexy without being tacky:

DO make sure you wear clothes that are suited to the shape and size of your body. Sexy is the last thing they’ll see if you’re bulging out of your clothes.

DON’T go overboard with the make-up. If you want heavy eye make-up, then go light on the lips and vice versa.

DO dress for the weather. A mini skirt in the freezing cold is far from sexy.

DON’T forget use chewing gum and perfume (especially if you’re a smoker).There’s nothing more off-putting than the scent of cigarettes left on hair and clothes.

DO walk with confidence.

DON’T overdo it with the fake tan. Keep it as natural as possible.