How to keep split ends at bay


Split ends usually occur when someone’s hair doesn’t get enough nourishment. Different factors like the weather or harsh hair treatments usually cause dry or  damaged hair and a lot of the time it’s the reason why hair doesn’t grow very quickly.

Here is what you can do to prevent split ends so you can have long and healthy hair:

Natural ingredients
Use products that have natural ingredients in them. Avoid anything with alcohol in it as it dries out hair.

Avoid heat
Blow dryers and straighteners are your hairs worst enemy. If you can’t avoid them all the time, apply a heat resistant serum beforehand.

In the same way you exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, get a trim every six to eight weeks to remove dry and weak hair.

Hair masks
These are great for keeping your hair nourished and healthy. You can experiment with a few or even make your own mask at home.

Use a hair serum on your ends at least once a week. This will stop them from drying out and splitting.