How to introduce your boyfriend to your parents


Introducing your boyfriend to your parents can be a daunting task – not just for your other half, but for your mum and dad as well.

However, stick with us and they will be putty in his hands in no time.

Give them a heads up
Avoid arriving unexpectedly at your parent’s house with your boyfriend in tow.

Make sure he brings a gift
Flowers for your mother and wine for you father are usually fool-proof presents.

Keep PDA to a minimum
This includes holding hands. You want your parents to think he is a sweet and respectful boy.

Take it slow with the wine
You’re not out with your mates now, so avoid downing the bottle. Both you and your boyfriend will need to keep your wits about you, especially when dad starts asking awkward questions.

Don’t try too hard and remember to relax. If he is a good guy, your parents will usually be able to spot it straight away.