How to have sparkling windows on the cheap


Cleaning windows and mirrors are a pain in the backside when you have to to deal with leftover streaks. Although you might be tempted to wash them up again, without the right tools or techniques, it won’t make much of a difference.

With these simple tips you won’t have to deal with streak-ridden windows or mirrors…until the next person comes along and makes your old mistakes.

Cleaning solutions
Streaks are usually caused by using too much detergent. The next time you clean your windows, try putting a tablespoon of Fairy Liquid into a bucket of warm water. If you want extra shiny windows, you can add some vinegar too. It’s very good of getting rid of nasty marks.

Newspaper. That’s right, make use of your morning paper by using it for household chores. The print on newspaper works like polish for glass.

You can pour some of your prepared water into an empty spray bottle or dip the tip of crumpled newspaper into the bucket. Scrub the windows by wiping back and forth. Once you hear the squeaks, you know you’re on the road to shiny streak-free windows.