How to get Michelle Keegan’s make-up look


Michelle Keegan is gorgeous, both men and ladies think so, especially the men…

However, while we may not have her perfect figure or gorgeous soon-to-be-hubby, we can definitely get her make-up look.

Apply a good primer before putting foundation anywhere near your face.

Opt for a creamy foundation and apply with a stipple brush for an evenly blended look. MAC foundation is great for covering up blemishes and creating a flawless look.

Apply bronzer to your forehead and cheek area. Use it to contour your cheekbones.

Michelle’s brows never have a hair out of place. Fill them in with Wet and Wild’s brow kit.

While the Corrie star loves her mascara, she doesn’t over do it on the eyeshadow. Define your lids with either a matte or light shimmery brown.

Go for a really good lengthening mascara like Max Factor Wild Mega Volume. For added umph, go for some falsies.

Finish the look off by sweeping a light rose blusher across the apples of the cheeks.

When it comes to lips, go for a natural lip liner and finish with a coat of clear lip gloss.