How to flirt over text messages


Now that everyone has a mobile phone, you can just about flirt anywhere you’d like. So if you’re missing the comfort of your crush or significant other, then follow our tips on how to flirt over text messages.

Less is more
Avoid sending him long serious messages. Instead, keep it short, playful and to the point. After all, the aim is that he writes back to you.

Keep the convo going
Instant messaging makes it so easy to keep your conversation going, so turn your flirty text to an ongoing convo by adding a bit of excitement to each message.

Think before you act
The good thing about messages is you can think about your reply before you send it so with a bit of thought you can lead the convo and get the answers you want to read.

Get ‘naughty’
If you want to spice things up, then be subtle about it. A ‘playful-naughty’ text leaves more to the imagination.

Be patient
Don’t worry if he takes his time to reply, he could be busy. Wait until he writes back before sending another message.