Switch off: How to enjoy a luxury spa experience at home


You will probably recognise the ESPA brand if you have been lucky enough to stay in some of Ireland’s top hotels. Many Irish hotels use the brand as their preferred spa range and for good reason too. The brand has a holistic philosophy, caring for your whole wellbeing, focusing on creating naturally effective skincare products which deliver results you can see and feel.  The products are not only beautiful to use, with luxurious textures and sensorial mood enhancing aromatics, but they also protect the long-term health and beauty of the skin.

Their products contain unique combinations of plant extracts, marine actives and essential oils to create the most effective, natural products.  Every product is expertly crafted to deliver an ESPA sensory experience through the beautiful aromatherapy blends and the unique formulation textures.    

So, whether it is in the spa or at home, their carefully crafted products help you to have beautiful skin and feel your best every day.

What we did not know was that they have an at home range which allows you to have a beautifully enveloping aroma in any space, with their luxurious hand-poured candles and pure essential oil diffusers, expertly blended to soothe, uplift or restore.

ESPA Candles

ESPA candles are gorgeous for a cosy night in and comforts of their home. There are four hand-poured blends to envelop you and your home.

ESPA Reed Diffuser

ESPA diffusers also come in four fragrances which work effortlessly for those who enjoy hosting and welcoming family and friends to their home. You can elevate your home into a fragrant haven with natural reeds and a decadent aroma.

For more on the ESPA range, visit their website here.