How to do your make-up in EXACTLY three minutes!


Is there anything worse than waking up fifteen minutes before you have to be out the door? By the time you brush your teeth, wash your face, find your clothes and find your bag, you’re not left with a whole lot of time to dedicate to putting on your make-up. Do you a) say to hell with it and rush out the door, or b) take on the challenge of painting your entire face in three minutes flat?

Well, if your answer was b, then we admire your dedication. And just for you, we’ve got make-up artist and model Tara O’Farrell to give us her tips on how to do your face in a flash.

The clock is ticking!

Three minutes to go…
Tara says the key to good make up is having a good base to work with, so make sure your face is totally clean “and then move on to the base. This ensures a nice clean finish to your make up.”

Two minutes to go…
Time to put on the foundation – but which is better? Mineral or liquid? “I personally wear mineral foundation most days. I have normal to oily skin so it suits me. I tend to use liquid foundation on my clients though mainly Buff HD foundation and Kevyn Aucoing Sensual Skin enhancer. These both photograph beautifully.”

If you opt for the liquid foundation, is it faster to use a brush or your fingers? Tara says a brush is always best: “I always use a brush, Blank Canvas do a great HD brush called F20 it gives a really flawless finish and doesn’t take long to blend.”

One minute to go…
You’re on the home stretch now – but you can practically hear the bus coming down the road, and if you don’t get your eyes done quick, you’re going to miss it! What’s next?!  “Cream eye shadows and eye shadow crayons are handy if you are on the go, they don’t require blending as much as powders and one colour is usually enough. Team that with two coats of mascara and you are good to go!”

Phew! Surely there’s time for a cuppa after all that? No? You better run!

Check out Tara’s blog Tara Makeup for more great info!