How to beat the sugar craving

Sugar is bad for us and experts even consider it to be as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco. Gulp!

Unfortunately, it’s everywhere – in our processed food, our tea and our juice – and there seems to be no hiding from it.

However we’ve dug up a few ways you make your diet a little less sugary.

Replace it with coconut oil
Just like sugar, it’s a source of instant energy; however, it doesn’t cause you to experience the sugar rush slump. Yay!

Avoid buying processed foods
If they’re not in your cupboard, you won’t be tempted. If you do succumb to buying something, hide it!

Put down the coffee
Unless you can drink it without a spoonful of the bad stuff, avoid it at all costs.

Change your routine
If you’re used to banishing the 3pm slump with a chocolate bar, try going for a walk around the office instead. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

You can do it, just believe in yourself!