How to avoid the dreaded side stitch

A side stitch is the bane of a beginner runner’s life.  It can really affect your performance and your willingness to go out running again. The reason behind it is largely due to the person breathing too quickly or eating too soon after eating; thankfully, there are plenty of ways to beat it.

Avoid eating before going out
Try to not eat at least one hour before you go for a run.

What drinks to avoid
Stay clear of sugary carbonated drinks and stick to plain water to rehydrate.

Warm up
Make sure you do a quick warm up before you go out. Not only is it effective in preventing stitches and cramps, it is also vital to avoid injuries.

Watch your breathing
Make sure you are breathing deeply in through your mouth. This way you will be able to take in more air.

Good posture is key
Don’t hunch over when you are running. Maintain good posture by standing up straight and tall as you move.

If you do get one while running, try changing your breathing pattern and take a quick deep breathe in.  If all else fails slow down and walk until it is gone.