How they’ve changed! A look at The Saturdays’ style evolution!


The Saturdays have been the ultimate power group almost since the very beginning, back when they overtook Girls Aloud with their debut single If This Is Love in 2008.

The ladies play the Olympia Theatre in Dublin tonight, hurray! We’re sure they’ll be looking only gorgeous, but their sense of style hasn’t always been so on point. They’ve come a long way from matchy-matchy satin dresses! Let’s take a look back…

2008 – Crazy candy colours
This was one of the girls’ first appearances back in 2008, and the theme seemed to be “wear anything you want as long as you add a belt.” So much satin. We definitely wore a dress like Mollie’s on one or two nights out… in fact we probably had one like Frankie’s too. And Rochelle’s…

2009 – Floral overload
Frankie’s the only one who didn’t give in to the floral addiction here – the other girls were all over it. The pastels are a bit more easy on the eye than the picture above, but the group still had a long way to go to become style icons…

2009 – A total 360!
Well, it’s certainly not florals! The girls went all grunge rocker for their 2009 appearance at the Girl Guides’ Centenary Big Gig. Still lots of matching outfits, but we’re big fans of this look.

2010 – Beach brights
Mollie made a quick escape for this photo at 2010’s T4 On The Beach, and we can see why. These skintight graphic print dresses are hard to look at, they’re so bright. The Doc Martens were a strange addition too.

2011- Hollywood glam
This is more like it. The ladies went down the formal route for the 2011 Glamour Awards at which they won Band of the Year. For once they chose different dress styles to suit each of their shapes, and the results were stunning.

2011 – Eighties revival
Hmmm. Some of the girls had the right idea here, but again there’s so much unnecessary belting. A lot done, more to do.

2012 – Casual chic
There we are. We love the individual, elegant styles on show during this visit to Los Angeles. Although there’s a certain theme to the outfits, the matching colours and dresses are out the window. Gorgeous!

2013 – Red carpet stunners
Rochelle didn’t attend the premiere of The Hangover 3, having just given birth a few days before, but the other ladies more than made up for her absence. We especially love Frankie’s pregnancy style here. A1!

2014 – Perfection!
Six years on, the girls have finally found their niche. We love these looks, worn for an appearance on BBC Breakfast in April. Frankie’s jumper… Rochelle’s skirt… we want it ALL!