How many of these worst roommates have you lived with?


Hannibal Lector would be a picnic to live with compared to this lot.

The Flirt
She’ll parade around in her scantiest outfits when your boyfriend visits, she does yoga stretches in the middle of the living room when your brother is staying for the weekend and she hits on your best mate’s boyfriend on nights out. Nobody is safe with ‘The Flirt’.

The Slob
She’ll forget to flush, leaving nasty surprises in the toilet bowl, she’ll cut her toenails in the kitchen and laughs when the clippings land in your cereal and doesn’t flinch when the pans she left in the sink for days have grown beards.

The Couple
You only ever recall moving in with one person but find yourself now sharing with two – your roommate and her boyfriend. They’re not shy of PDAs when you’re sharing a sofa, they keep you awake at night with their Oscar-worthy arguments and worse yet, the making up after.

The Copy Cat
She’ll copy your style, love/hate the same things you do and turn up in the same places you said you’d be. Be afraid, be very afraid.