How has Rihanna “destroyed” this poor star?!


Reports have been saying that Rihanna and Drake are still friends after their split, with the two attending the Hot 97 Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night without any drama.

As break ups go, it sounds amicable enough, right? Well apparently it’s all for show. Drake is reportedly “destroyed” after Rihanna gave him his marching orders.

A source said: “Drake was ready to walk away for good after Rihanna dropped him, but she has this power over him. All she needs to do is snap her fingers and he’ll go running back to her.”

“Drake is convinced that Rihanna has self-esteem issues and is pushing him away because she doesn’t believe in or trust true love, which isn’t surprising after the crazy stuff that happened with her and Chris Brown.

“All of Drake’s crew wish he’d forget about her and move on but he’s hooked — no matter how upset, hurt and angry he is with her right now.”

Well, we can’t imagine that seeing her flaunt her nipples in that dress at the CFDAs helped poor Drake to move on! And what happens now that Chris Brown is back on the scene?

We have a feeling this is going to get very, very messy….