Hollyoaks’ Ali Bastian details daughter’s ‘terrifying’ allergy scares

Ali Bastian has revealed that her young daughter has privately been battling a health issue.

The former Hollyoaks actress is currently a mum to two little girls – four-year-old Isla and one-year-old Isabella – with her husband David O’Mahony.

Ali has now taken the opportunity to open up about an ongoing health struggle that she has been facing with her firstborn.

In an interview with OK!, the 42-year-old stated that Isla has been struggling with her health since her birth in 2020.

“Isla had severe eczema at eight weeks and was covered head to toe. She was a very colicky, uncomfortable, baby. I was just like, ‘What's happening to my child?’,” Ali recalled.

After undergoing multiple tests, Isla was diagnosed as allergic to peanuts, milk, egg and wheat when she was just four months old.

“I was EpiPen trained straight away, which was pretty terrifying. I remember being in hospital and being taught how to use an EpiPen and going into the street with wide eyes, thinking, ‘What on earth am I going to do? How do I cope with this?’ I had no experience of it,” Ali confessed.

Just one month later, Isla was taken to hospital after suffering a severe wheat reaction.

“Suddenly I had a child who was profusely vomiting to the point of systemic shutdown. She was blue and floppy. We were rushed into hospital in an ambulance,” Ali recalls.

“When it's a baby with those symptoms, they also assume it might be sepsis, so she was being treated for sepsis too. Luckily she did bounce back quite quickly from that. But it was absolutely terrifying,” she soap star admitted.

Now, Isla has “grown out” of her wheat allergy, but she is still allergic to peanuts, milk, egg, sesame, cashews and pistachios, with Ali describing it as “really difficult”. 

“We've only been to one wedding and it was the first time she'd met some of her family and she loved it. We don't do Christmas with everybody anymore,” the mum-of-two confirmed.