How to spot if your date is a cheapskate

He could the nicest, most attractive guy in the world – but if he skips out on his round or makes you walk a half an hour home in your heels rather than pay for a taxi, there is no greater turn off.

Save yourself the hassle and use this guide as a way to spot a cheapskate before he leaves you with the bill!

He brings sandwiches to the cinema
Seriously, if he does this and you want to stick with him, prepare yourself for a life of very few luxuries indeed.

He pulls his face if you order actual 7up instead of a dash of white
Look, sometimes we just want the real deal, ok? Especially if we’re meant to be out on a hot date.

He always has dinner BEFORE he meets you
To avoid having to eat out, ye see? He probably had it in his mam’s house too.

He waits for his two cent change
Ok, it’s no biggie if he does this in the shop, but if he does it to the pizza delivery guy or in a restaurant? Cheapskate RED alert.

Getting pick n’ mix sends chills down his spine
How much will it be? Nobody knows! Don’t overdo it on the heavy bon-bons! Cue meltdown.