Stop EVERYTHING, we could be getting a four day working week

We don't wanna celebrate too soon. 

But c'mon – a FOUR day working week? 

A leading trade union, Forsa,has called for a national debate to bring in this glorious four day week. 

The union believes that technology advances have made it possible for workers to have more time off.

A conference is being hosted  in Dublin today, called 'The Future of Working Time.' 

The even better news is that as a result of the technological advances, Forsa says productivity in companies that have a shorter week has actually risen.

It's like music to our ears. 

However, some critics have slammed the idea as ''ambitious.'' 

Forsa spokesperson Joe O'Connor says, "It would have been said 100 years ago that the weekend was an unachievable ambition."

He continued, "This fetishization of working long hours, always being on, that culture has crept into Irish society in recent years."

Can we actually get more work done in four days then five? 

Will it help our mental heath?

Most of us know that there are dead hours in a working day – like the one after lunch, the first half hour in the morning, the last half hour of the day, pretty much the last two hours on a Friday, tbf. 

But if we condensed the work we need to get done every week in four days, we would be a lot less likely to waste any hours and keep our noses to the grindstone to get everything done. 

Now, will it be Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday?