Heading to Body & Soul this weekend? Here’s what to pack


The always wonderful Body & Soul music festival kicks off tomorrow in Westmeath and no doubt attendees will right now be contemplating what to pack, what to leave behind – and what is frankly totally unnecessary but needs to brought along anyway (we're thinking clip-in hair extensions, wedges and instant tan).

But if you adhere to only one piece of advice, it's this: avoid playsuits and jumpsuits at all costs – because they won’t seem as stylish when you’re bursting for a wee.

Packing up on Monday morning can also be an absolute nightmare, so please make sure you don’t bring too much stuff (easier said than done, we know).

By now, most folk are fully aware of the essentials that will be needed to survive the weekend: wellies, baby wipes, loo roll, bin bags, tent, bum bag and sun cream should be thrown into your bag before all else.

But then there are those things that, although not quite essentials per say, will nevertheless definitely enhance your festival experience…

Make it easier to find your friends/embarrass your friends


Face paint
No festival look is complete without a few illuminous swirls and dots


Deck chair
Make sitting around drinking cans more comfortable but make sure you put it back in your tent when heading to the main arena as these things are like gold dust in a campsite!


Clothes that you would never get away with on a normal day 
Now is your chance to wear the bright green dungarees and that native American headpiece you haven’t gotten around to wearing yet.


A waterproof pouch for your phone
This is v handy, even if your phone is dead, just to make sure you don’t lose this at the festival, along with your, ahem… voice.

A flag for your tent  
Put a flat at the top of the tent so it’s easier to find in the dark. Nothing worse than being greeted by a sea of the same camouflage Tesco tent that was on offer for a tener the day before. Anything glow in the dark – just for the craic