Have you started your beauty anti-ageing routine yet?


Nuxe is one of our absolute favourite drug-store beauty brands – it’s French, it’s affordable and what’s more, it works.  Last year we fell in LOVE with their Insta-Masque Exfoliating + Unifying Mask (if you haven’t tried it yet, you must) but this Autumn with the passing of time and stresses of modern covid life, we are fully vested in anti-ageing skincare.  And if we’ve learned anything, we know that anti-ageing is not purely for our senior years.  It’s starts in your twenties – you’ve been warned.  

Over time, each skin type expresses differing needs. Nuxe offers a tailored routine for each skin type, with face care products enriched with the most precious and effective natural molecules. To feel beautiful at every age.

Crème Prodigieuse Boost

In the mirror:

Skin is losing its radiance and luminosity; the first signs of ageing are starting to appear.

The solution: from age 25

Enriched with an anti-oxidant complex containing Jasmine Flower, Crème Prodigieuse Boost range offers multi-correction of the first signs of ageing by working to combat the harmful effects of an intense lifestyle (stress, fatigue, etc.) and an urban environment on the skin. Boosting the skin’s energy and radiance, for smooth and re-plumped skin with a refreshing sensation.

What else to use:

Energising Priming Concentrate – Multi-Correction Gel Cream – MultiCorrection Silky Cream – Multi-Correction Eye Balm Gel – Night Recovery Oil Balm – 5-in-1 Multi-Perfection Smoothing Primer.

Merveillance® Expert

In the mirror:

Skin is starting to lose firmness and tone, first expression lines and wrinkles are becoming visible.

The solution: from age 40

These skincare products strengthen the skin's elasticity to provide a “lifting” effect. The Daylily Oleoactive®contains <8412 active molecules which stimulate proteins with a skin-firming effect, helping to reduce wrinkles.

What else to use:

Lift and Firm Serum – Lift and Firm Cream – Lift and Firm Rich Cream – Eye Contour Lift – Lift and Firm Night Cream.

Nuxuriance® Ultra

In the mirror:

Skin is starting to slacken, wrinkles are visible, the complexion is becoming dull and less even.

The solution: from age 50

The renewing power of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral® Cells stimulates the production of new major skin cells, for a re-densifying effect. Thanks to these global anti-ageing skincare products, wrinkles are filled and the face's oval outline appears redefined.

What else to use:

Replenishing Serum – Replenishing Fluid-Cream – Replenishing Cream SPF20 – Replenishing Rich Cream – Eye and Lip Contour – Replenishing Night Cream – Luxurious Body Cream – Anti-Dark Spot and Anti-Ageing Hand Cream.

Nuxuriance® Gold

In the mirror:

Skin is becoming drier and thinner due to age; it is losing density and radiance. Deep wrinkles are visible.

The solution: from age 60

This is the absolute anti-ageing collection for dry skin weakened by age, concentrating the power of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells®. Together with Porcelain Rose Oleoactive® and a Nutri-Restorative Complex (with extracts of Jiaogulan and Cistus Flower), it provides renewal, nourishment, elasticity, and radiance. Anti-ageing power you can see and feel: women feel better about themselves and more confident; as proven by a study conducted by Neuroscience researchers.

What else to use:

Nutri-Revitalising Serum – Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream – Nutri-Fortifying Night Balm – Radiance Eye Balm

You can find Nuxe for sales in all good pharmacies nationwide.