Have you heard this Irish Model’s new song?!


Nadia Forde has decided to branch out a bit and try her hand at being a pop star!

The model’s debut single BPM was released yesterday and is currently in the UK urban charts at number 22.

The 24-year-old model said that Bressie inspired the song after she saw one of his tweets complaining that all the songs in the chart have the words ‘dance’, ‘body’ and ‘hot’ in the lyrics:

“I decided to write a song with every single one of the lyrics he had in that tweet. So I did and I repeated them over and over and over again!

“So that’s basically how BPM came around. It was a really funny session. I think that in the charts at the moment there’s music that is all about enjoying yourself and that’s what BPM is all about. It’s a fun party track and it’s contagious, I love it.”

Check out Nadia’s music video to hear the song for yourselves!