Ellen Pompeo on getting what you’re worth in salary negotiation

Last month, Greys Anatomy veteran Ellen Pompeo revealed that she had secured over half a million dollars per episode of the iconic medical drama show. 

Now, the actress has spoken to Jimmy Kimmel about how she feels that women are socially influenced not to be difficult and fight for higher salaries. 

Pompeo feels that women need to step up and make sure that they ask for the salary they feel they deserve in order to be equal. 


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'As women, you know, it’s not only about what’s done to us or what’s not given to us, it’s what don’t we ask for,' she said,' on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

'How much of it is isn’t given to us or is it that we don’t ask?'

'And I think that as much as we can point the finger at other people, and say, ‘You don’t give us’ or You don’t treat us fairly,’ we also have to point the finger at ourselves and say, ‘Did we ask?'


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'Did we step up and have the gumption to ask for what a man would?' We have to own our part of it and sometimes we’re too shy.'

'We’re too afraid to be seen as difficult… to really speak our mind,' she finished.

Asking for your worth in a financial negotiation can be difficult, but Ellen believes it is necessary to close the gap between men and women's salaries.