Hate the gym? Try out these fun but fit options instead!

The gym isn’t for everyone – an hour on the treadmill or even five minutes of a spin bike is enough to make some people avoid exercise altogether.

However, these days there is such a huge number of ways to get fit that you are bound to find something you love – without having to step foot near a treadmill.

Here are some fun alternatives to the regular gym classes you may just love:

1. Boxercise
Stressful day at work? Did you housemate leave the milk out of the fridge again? Then this is the class for you! Channel your anger into fat-burning with boxercise and you will feel stress-free as well as getting toned and fit!

2. Pole-dancing
Forget what you think you know – pole dancing is incredible. Not only does it tone and train your core, once you master some moves you are going to feel like a graceful goddess up there. 

3. Anti-gravity yoga
There's no doubting the benefits of yoga on your mind and body, but if regular mat yoga has you feeling a bit bored, this could be the high-flying solution! Using material hanging from the ceiling, you will soon fall in love with this acrobatic fitness craze!

4. Ballet-barre
From Taylor Swift to Miranda Kerr, ballet barre is THE celeb fitness craze of the year – and for good reason. Not only do you tone your core and burn some major calories, you get to look like a freakin' ballerina while doing it! 

5. Dance
Whether it be contemporary, hip-hop or ballroom, if you love to dance, why not make it your new hobby? Sure, you might feel shy at first but once you get to know people and learn a few moves you'll wonder what took you so long to get into it in the first place!