Has there been another Kardashian break-up?!


Poor Khloé Kardashian has had enough heartbreak recently but it seems things are only getting worse. Khloé has reportedly called it quits with rapper boyfriend French Montana after just a few months, following a shocking discovery she made on his phone.

Rumours have been circulating for a while that French was only courting Khloé to boost his own fame, and while he has repeatedly spoken out against the claims, many of those close to Khloé believe he’s not worthy of her trust.

Things kicked off a couple of weeks back when the Kardashian family apparently intervened and told Khloé that her new boyfriend was no longer welcome in their home. Ouch.

A few days ago she took to Twitter with a controversial comment which we’re guessing was in relation to French using her for her celeb status:

Although Khloé appeared to have stuck by her man for a while even following the comments from her family, Media TakeOut are reporting that the final straw apparently came when she found explicit text messages and photos on French’s phone from an old flame, Tahiry Jose.

Seems like Khloé’s having no luck at the moment. We hope things start looking up for her!