Harry Styles straightens his hair – and the world goes properly CRAZY

Some people in life want nothing to change – ever. 

So when One Direction's heart throb Harry Styles stepped out on stage with straight hair, clearly, the world went mental. 

The Twitter world that is. 

We all remember Harry as the adorable, curly-haired kid when he first auditioned for The X Factor

And even as his hair has grown over the years, it has still remained in one wavy format or another. 

But when he played a show in Detroit, Michigan recently, Harry decided to let his hair run free. Very free that is, and very straight. 

Twitter erupted with questions on whether he used a straightener? Is it just wet and droopy? Or has Harry been curling his hair THE WHOLE TIME?!

No one knows. 

Some fans became pretty obsessed about it though and tweeted to their hearts content. 

Some fans however, were not so keen.