Harry Potter actress faces serious grilling from authorities


The usually squeaky clean actress Emma Watson is facing a grilling from immigration officials after claims she had been employing an illegal housekeeper.

The woman was said to have been employed at the Harry Potter star’s £2 million London home while she had only a tourist visa, and not one that allowed her to work legally in the UK.

Home Office chiefs can impose civil penalties of up to £10,000 per worker on bosses who breach immigration rules.


The housekeeper first started working for Emma in her New York apartment at the ­beginning of last year.

But Border Agency staff launched a probe after receiving a complaint that she ­travelled to London off and on and was paid to help the actress at her home.

It is alleged the housekeeper spent a total of three months in Britain between September last year until early February this year.

We’re not sure how this is going to turn out for the Hollywood star!