Happy Canada Day! These are our 5 favourite Canadians of all TIME

To most of us, today is simply the start of a new month – Howiya July, looking good! 

However, on this fine Friday, Canadians across the globe celebrate the founding of their lovely country with Canada Day. 

Back in 1867, an act was passed that combined three former British colonies into one nation, and so Canada was born.  


This beautiful country, that shares a border with our American friends, has a lot to be proud of. It has become renowned for it's majestic scenery and the wonderful individuals that populate it. 

With a population of just over 36 million people, it's no wonder that some of our favourite celebs hail from this snowy land. 


And we are here to highlight our favourite Canadians of all time, and thank them for the impact they have had in today's world. 


Our favourite R&B master, Aubrey Graham, is a Toronto native. Drake frequently refers to 'the six' in his music, which is a slang word for Toronto.

As a platinum award-winning artist, we have no doubt that Canada is proud of this 28-year-old super star. 


Ryan Gosling

Ryan, who made us fall in love with him in The Notebook, was born and raised in the Ontario region of Canada. 

No real explanation needed here, THANK YOU Canada, thank you for giving us Ryan Gosling. 

ryan gosling

Kim Catrall

One of our favourite New Yorkers, Kim was actually raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she moved at just three-months-old. 

The actress, who is widely loved for her sassy portrayal of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, lives in New York full time, but also still owns property in her homeland. 

samantha jones

Matthew Perry

Ah, Chandler Bing, the nineties would not have been the same without you! 

Matthew Perry grew up in Ottawa, Ontario with his mother Suzanne, who was press secretary to the Canadian Prime Minister in the 1980s. 

Could he BE any more Canadian?

Justin Bieber

What would a list of awesome Canadians be without the Biebs? Useless, that's what! 

The Sorry singer hails from Ontario, and happens to be close friends with fellow Canadian, Drake.

Justin has French-Canadian roots, and as a result is fluent in the French language. OUI OUI! 

Justin Bieber

We thank you Canada, have a fantastic day of celebrations! 

Centre Images: giphy.com, popsugar.com