Princess Diaries is 18 this year – 8 life lessons we learned from Mia

Princess Diaries, the movie we all watched at every childhood sleep-over is turning 18 this year (SHUT UP). 

That's almost two decades since we first fell in love with Anne Hathaway's frizzy-haired Mia Thermopolis, the awkward teenager who was all of us, minus the princess thing, of course. 

We are taking a little trip down memory lane, and remembering the 8 things we learned from Mia and the gang!

1. We can learn from our elders

Mia learns proper etiquette and manners from her gorgeous gran. We could all learn a thing or two from the older people in our lives. 


2. Putting on tights is HARD

There is no elegant way to pop on a pair of tights. Fact.

3. The brows make the face 

We have said it before, and we'll say it again… eyebrows are the key to success. Keep' em trimmed ladies. 

eyebrows eyebrows on fleek on fleek the princess diaries

4. Punctuality is irrelevant

Queen Clarice delivers the forever-quotable line, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” We’re all late sometimes, but as total KWEENS, we now know that it's okay! 

5. Don't let others kill your vibe

Joe is hands-down the best bodyguard ever. Not only does he protect Mia, but he's also a solid lad for a pep talk. Don't let your haterz win. 

6. Stand up straight

Always hold yourself with pride. Stand tall, shoulders back, and WERK it girl. 

7. Treat yourself

Nothing is better than a day of pampering. It is amazing how a facial and a hair cut can make you feel like a new woman! 

8. Don't judge a book by its cover

Remember ladies, looks can be deceiving, and everyone deserves a chance. Don't overlook people because they aren't the shiniest or most glamorous.