Happiness myths debunked


There is nothing like feeling happy to put you in a good mood! Here we debunk common happy myths to make you feel even better and ooze positive vibes!

Exercise makes you happy
This one is true, girls! All that effort of putting on your workout gear is worth it because exercise helps to release happy hormones. Even 30 minutes is enough to make you feel more positive – yay!

Negative friends will bring you down
Negative friends can bring you down, but you don’t have to let them. Just like their negative thoughts can affect you, your positives ones can rub off onto your friends.

You’ll be happy when you complete a goal
Unfortunately this one is not true! When you complete a certain goal, you’ll just strive for more. Try to focus on the positives now, otherwise you’ll never be happy.

You can buy happiness
Yes, yes you can! Time to buy a new pair of shoes, we think! However, don’t go overboard as your spending spree may cause you to feel guilty, thus spurring on negative feelings.