Haim reveal a little something about new BFF Taylor


We all know Taylor Swift is a girl's girl.

You need look no further than her Twitter and Instagram accounts to see that her heart truly lies with the ladies in her life, but her latest friendship has intrigued us- mainly because we want in on it.

Girl band, Haim, and the Shake it Off singer hit it off big-time in recent months and the lovely ladies have finally explained how it all kicked off.

Speaking to In Style during the Coachella festivities this weekend, Este, Alana and Danielle revealed that the foursome decided to go out for dinner and a major friendship was born.

Recalling the event, Alana said: "We contacted each other and we took her out to our favourite restaurant in Silver Lake called Stella."

And like an amazing first date, the girls revealed neither wanted to part ways, with Alana saying: "I thought it was only going to be an hour, but it lasted seven hours."

And if the Haim gals are anything to go by, it seems Taylor is a right old laugh-a-minute, with Este revealing: "She took us on a LOL-lercoaster. LOLS for days."

Urgh, now we're even more jealous.