Gwyneth Paltrow living off of food stamps


Anyone who has stepped into Gwyneth Paltrow’s world of GOOP will know that she loves her luxuries, which is why we were surprised to hear that she is living off of food stamps.

Surely there is something wrong here, right? As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, she is clearly loaded.

While the news is 100% true, we can put our wild theories away, because it turns out it’s just another 'challenge' the actress has set herself up with.

As part of the FoodBank NYC Challenge, the mother-of-two has set herself the task of dramatically changing her lifestyle for the week by getting by on just $29 worth of food for the next seven days.

The Iron Man star took to her Twitter page to share a photo of what she spent her cash on, with avocados, limes, kale and a host of other greens among her stockpile.

Given how forthright Gwyneth has been in the past, once saying that life was ‘harder for her’ in comparison to other women, we’re looking forward to seeing how she gets on without her expensive juices!

Good luck, Gwynnie!