Guy tries to walk to Bermuda in a bubble

A guy has actually tired the unthinkable – to walk to Bermuda in a bubble!

Reza Baluchi had a light bulb moment when he decided to build a giant bubble – a hydro pod bubble, in fact – and walk to Bermuda via the sea.

Obviously plenty of people tried to dissuade him from going, the US coast guard being one, but Reza still thought it was a good idea to set off on the 1,033 mile trip.

According to Time, the man was found “disorientated and asking for directions to Bermuda” and only had protein bars, bottled water GPS and satellite phone to keep him fed and happy on his trip. However, he wouldn’t take the Coast Guards offer of a lift home and eventually had to be rescued after he set off his Personal Locating Beacon.

At least he has a pretty good story to tell the next down he is down his local – we can definitely see this story being made into a movie!