Guess which country has the world’s best diet?

After searching high up and low down, the world’s best diet has finally been revealed and it is not too far from Ireland – well, not really…

Channel 4’s documentary, The World’s Best Diet  awarded Iceland the sought after title because of their diet of fresh fish, good quality meat and dairy. Apparently, the Icelandic have the secret to living longer and eating healthier.

Each country or tribe – yes, they even looked at tribes – in the documentary, which was presented by Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton, was ranked according to diet based on weekly grocery shop and daily meals and obviously Iceland came out on top.

Italy came in a close second and Greece a close third with the league table basing their findings on life expectancy, obesity, heart disease and diabetes in each country.

Unfortunately, Ireland didn’t come in the top 10 but here is the full list in case you had dreams of living in a country where the people have a good, healthy diet.

1. Iceland
2. Italy
3. Greece
4. Seventh Day Adventists (form of Christianity)
5. Japan
6. Sweden, Norway, Denmark (joint)
7. The Kuna Indians (Panama)
8. France
9. Spain
10. The Netherlands

The Marshall Islands came last so you might want to avoid here if you want to stay healthy…