Gordon Ramsay is not impressed when people assume he’s a grandad


Celebrity chef and Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay is absolutely fuming that people assume he’s his one-year-old son, Oscar’s Grandad instead of his father.

Gordon (54) and wife Tana (46) are proud parents to 22-year-old Megan, 20-year-old twins, Holly and Jack, 19-year-old Matilda, and their one-year-old son Oscar.

However, Gordon admits in an interview with Men’s Health that he’s less than impressed when people mistake him as Oscar’s Grandad, especially when he’s out and about with his eldest son, Jack.


“The worst thing is when I'm walking with Tana and Jack, and everyone is looking at Jack as if Oscar is his son,” Gordon explains.

He goes on to describe the assumptions people make. “You must be so proud to be a grandad,” they say to him.

Hitting on a sore spot, a raging Gordon replies, “F*** off, he's ours. If I get called 'grandad' one more f***ing time, I'm going to hit the roof.”


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While some people might mistake Gordon for his son’s grandfather, there’s no denying the fact that the celebrity chef is an extremely active and present parent.

As well as posting regular photos and clips of all his children, just last week he shared a lovely video of himself and baby Oscar out for a walk by the sea, the tiny toddler falling asleep to the sounds of the waves.