Goodbye pimples! The best tips for treating hormonal acne


Having acne can really get the better of you. It strips you of any self-confidence and often makes you dread leaving the house. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your skin, but I completely understand the impact acne has on your life.

They may just be spots to some people, but to others, it can completely take over your life. Socialising is tainted by the fear that people are looking at your acne scars and spots, dating can seem unbearable because you struggle to feel pretty and finding a solution gets more and more frustration as you test yet another cleanser that failed to do what the advert promised.

I have tried every cleanser, spot treatment, tablets and face masks and although some products have helped, I’m still cursed with a breakout of ugly, uncomfortable spots along my jawline and chin once a month.


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I did some digging and it turns out these specific breakouts are caused by hormones. They tend to occur around your fertile window, which is roughly between day 18 and 24 of your cycle.

After you ovulate, there is an increase in progesterone which is the hormone that loves to make your skin oily, how fabulous. Dr. Dendy Engelman told Fashion Magazine that your “skin swells and pores are compressed shut, as a result, pores never looked so minimized.”


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Between days 20 and 24, progesterone reaches an all time high, which is peak time for pre-period breakouts aka our least favourite time of the month. This is one of the worst times for my skin, especially my chin and jawline areas. The breakouts really lower my mood so I’ve started searching for methods that will help ease my acne around this time of my cycle.

Here are five things I try do around this time of the month to avoid horrendous breakouts:

  1. Change my pillowcase every other day

  2. Increase my water intake

  3. Cut out dairy

  4. Drink peppermint tea twice a day

  5. Double cleanse

  6. Wear my hair up more often

  7. Avoid eating crisps

  8. Use aloe vera to tame redness

  9. Wear less makeup

  10. Avoid touching my face

  11. Use hand sanitizer frequently

  12. Start using a new beauty blender

  13. Use a lighter moisturiser 

  14. Clean my phone screen daily

  15. Try cut down on chocolate (this is the hardest one)

  16. Wear sunscreen every day

It is important to note that your acne should not define you. Don't let it rule your life. I know that is easier said than done, but tell yourself that it doesn't take away from your natural beauty whenever you feel down about it. Having acne is the biggest pain but hopefully these tips will help you.