Golden Glow: This shampoo naturally enhances blonde hair


Is your hair in need of a serious trip to the salon? Us too!

One product that has helped those of us with blonde locks is by Botanical French haircare brand Klorane. The brand first became known for its founding product- Shampoo with Chamomile which naturally enhances blonde and light-brown hair. The shampoo helps give you sun-kissed holiday hair, and has been passed down from parent to child for generations.

Since 1966, it has been the (little) secret for ultra-natural and gradual lightening, guaranteeing inimitably radiant blonde and honey highlights as though from a summer spent in the sunshine!

Klorane Laboratories uncovered the magic of chamomile over 50 years ago. The chamomile flowers are harvested while they are in full bloom, then dried naturally in the sun.

The active ingredient is extracted from the petals to help add lightness and shine to hair, creating a beautiful sun-kissed hue.

The ultra-gentle formula is enriched with gentle ingredients for easy detangling and optimal shine and is suitable grown-ups and little ones alike. With its honey texture and flowery fragrance, Klorane’s Shampoo with Chamomile evokes a sense of sun-drenched summers.

Klorane’s Conditioner with Chamomile is another beautiful family friendly product. Perfect for detangling, hair repair and softness – this conditioner brings out the hair’s blonde highlights and shine.

Klorane is available from selected pharmacies nationwide. 

Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile 200ml RRP €11.50

Klorane Conditioner with Chamomile 200ml RRP €13.50