Glenveagh partners with Lottie Ryan, supporting Jack and Jill


Glenveagh have joined forces with broadcaster and podcaster, Lottie Ryan, to launch the North Portal, an extra-special way to bring home the magic of Christmas while supporting the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

Everyone can help bring the magic of Santa into their home and spread that magic across the homes of many more. For each portal activation, a donation of €1 is made by Glenveagh to Jack and Jill, with the aim of raising up to €50,000.

Alie Sheridan, Head of Fundraising at Jack and Jill said “This Christmas, we need all the help we can get, as we ask people to get behind this magical initiative from our wonderful friends in Glenveagh. The North Portal spreads joy in homes across Ireland and in turn, supports the families under our care, with the ambition to raise almost 2,800 hours of care, making a real difference for our families this Christmas.”

This year, Jack and Jill have supported 559 children seeing a demand for services higher than ever. With an 8% year on year increase in Jack and Jill’s core services, public support is essential in raising much needed funds for the Home For Christmas Appeal.

The donations will contribute towards the Foundation’s ambitious target to raise €1 million this Christmas, funding up to 55,000 hours of in-home nursing care for families across Ireland, allowing children with highly complex and life-limiting medical conditions to stay at home, with their families, where they belong.

Speaking on the portal, campaign ambassador, Lottie Ryan said: “This Christmas my family is very excited to support the launch of Glenveagh’s new North Portal, helping us to unlock and spread the magic of Christmas to children across Ireland and the world while supporting an amazing charity, the Jack and Jill foundation.”

Once the North Portal is activated, children will receive a certificate from Santa promising a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve and a definite spot on the Nice List! The certificate also proves their support for the hundreds of children currently under the care of Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

Annette McGarry, Community Engagement Manager at Glenveagh said: “We are so excited to help spread the magic of Christmas to homes across the country while supporting the Jack and Jill Foundation’s Home for Christmas Appeal. As a partnership, this is a natural fit for Glenveagh as we are committed to improving and contributing to communities across Ireland.”

Activate the North Portal and unlock the magic of Christmas at home with Glenveagh! To activate the North Portal and get your very own certificate from Santa visit