Glenda Gilson opens up about her lockdown birth experience


Virgin Media TV presenter, Glenda Gilson gave birth to her second baby boy on Wednesday morning, who she and her husband, Rob MacNaughton, sweetly named Danny Mac.

The mum-of-two took to social media earlier this morning to reassure anxious mums-to-be not to worry about having a baby during a pandemic.

“A lot of you moms-to-be have been on to me freaking out, worried, about coming in to have your baby – don’t be,” Glenda prefaced, speaking from her hospital bed on Friday morning.


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“I’m in the Coombe (Women’s Hospital) so I’ll only speak about my experience here. The nurses and doctors are so professional, all masked up, playing by the rules, just brilliant. Can’t complain about that,” she assured.

“Rob has been allowed in everyday from 2-4.30pm, which is great. It is a bit weird looking out the window and seeing hundreds of men queueing up outside, it’s like something from back in the day, it’s weird.”

“But it’s fine once they come in, everything is normal,” Glenda said. “Obviously when I came in Rob had to drop me at the door, I was gonna say throw me at the door, pretty much, bag and all,” Glenda joked, before adding, “I was on my own from there.”

“But once I was in labour he was allowed in and he was allowed stay afterwards for an hour. So all is fine, don’t be freaking out.”

“I know you first time moms have been on your own pretty much throughout all of this, but don’t worry your baby will be with you soon, so best of luck!”

Little Danny Mac is Glenda’s second baby boy, a little brother to Bobby, who’s turning two-years-old this month.