Girl’s genius shower hack will cut your getting ready time in half


OK, so you're just about to finish work, your make-up has been on point all day, and your mate texts you: 'drinks later?'.

Obviously the answer is yes, you look great and it'd be a shame to keep that perfectly winged eyeliner to yourself, but there's just one problem – you probably need to shower.

Every woman knows the devastation of taking off a killer makeup look before it's served its time, but now one women has found an ingenious solution to the problem – wear goggle in the shower (duh!).


22-year-old Lauren recently took to Tumblr to demonstrate her exciting hack.

The photos quickly went viral with many praising Lauren for her innovation.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, she said: “It literally blew up overnight. Like, the next morning after posting it I had like 5,000 notes.” 

“Then the next week I had 22,000 notes, and now I have almost 100,000 on the original post,” she added.

“My hair is greasy and by the end of the day I had my makeup on and I wanted to go out with my friends, but I'd be dead before I wasted another pair of lashes and 45 minutes blending eyeshadow,” she said.

It seems Lauren's post struck a cord with her fellow Tumblr users, with many revealing that this is a struggle they often face.

We have to admit, we are super impressed.