Girls Aloud announce they are reuniting for UK & Ireland tour

The hit Noughties band Girls Aloud have confirmed they are reuniting for a tour across the UK and Ireland in 2024.

Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola and Kimberley have revealed they are going on tour in memory of their late bandmate Sarah Harding, as part of a ‘celebration’ of her life. 

The announcement comes on the 21st anniversary of the band as they share details on social media. 

They posted a video of the group joining together to look back at iconic performances from their past to their official Instagram account. 

The clip is captioned, “We’re so excited to announce that we will be touring the UK & Ireland in May and June 2024. A celebration of Sarah, our music and our incredible fans. We can’t wait to sing and dance with you all once again. -Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine & Nicola”.

Opening up about their decision to go on tour again, Girls Aloud spoke to Vogue, with Nadine explaining, “I swear to God, I cannot for the life of me remember how we even came to this decision”.

“I just remember diaries being sent through and thinking, ‘Oh well, here we are!’. Suddenly I’m getting all these emails about flying around the roof of the O2 again”.


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Cheryl added, “Just don’t call it a comeback. I see it more as a celebration of a milestone. And listen, it’s gonna be unreal. And it’s gonna be the nostalgia of your life”.

Discussing Sarah’s heartbreaking death following a battle with breast cancer, Nicola admitted, “It’s hard to talk about it. It’s hard for us to be here without her. It was our 20th anniversary last year but we were in no emotional shape to even contemplate celebrating it at the time”.

“Everything went out the window when we learnt about her diagnosis. We just needed to be there for her and support her as much as we could”.


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Kimberley went on to say, “I think we channelled our grief into all the fundraising we did for The Sarah Harding Breast Cancer Appeal and that helped us a lot. And as tough as it will be, we want to give Sarah her moment on this tour. We need it. The fans need it. She needs it”.

Cheryl also revealed why the group won’t be recording any new songs as she said, “We couldn’t because Sarah wouldn’t be included in that newness. This is about celebrating the 20 years we’ve all had”.

“So the tour has got to be inclusive of Sarah because she’s such a massive part of our make-up. It will never feel like the old Girls Aloud again but we’ve reached a point where we feel ready to celebrate all of it. Sarah included”.

Tickets for The Girls Aloud Show will be going on sale next Friday, December 1. Fans can sign-up to for an exclusive pre-sale next Wednesday, Nov 29.