Get the relaxed look with these autumn hairstyles!


Autumn’s here and with it comes colder weather and cosy seasonal style.

The autumnal look is all about being relaxed, practical and comfortable – and that goes for your hair too. Think messy waves and chunky plaits.

So ditch the straightener and the curler and get on board with some of these gorgeous natural styles!

1. The messy bob
If your hair was cut short for summer, now’s the time to relax your hair routine a bit. Get out the texturizing paste and make that mid-length hair into an easy, messy look:

2. The mid-length cut
Again, if you’re growing out shorter hair, this is an easy look to create and maintain. Simple, slightly wavy hair is just effortlessly chic – and it’ll look great under that woolly hat!

3. The simple braid
Dress it up or dress it down, a long plait is just perfection in autumn. Beyoncé had the right idea on her recent trip to Paris:

Or go for a long side plait for a more elegant look:

4. The autumnal updo
If you’ve a wedding to attend, make your updo seasonal with some beautifully coloured flowers – go fake if you’re scared they’ll wilt!

5. The pixie cut
A bold move if you’ve never gone short, but can you imagine how cute this style would look with your woolly scarf and coat? Perfect for crisp autumn days!

​Frankie Bridge has this look down:

6. The seasonal headband
Choose a headscarf in rich reds and browns, or go for something more subtle, like this thin gold band with a leaf design:

7. The twisted bun
The structure is more toned down than a standard ballerina bun, meaning this style will still look perfect after a blast of autumn wind!

Images via Pinterest