Geordie Shore star admits undergoing plastic surgery


Former star of Geordie Shore, Ricci Guarnaccio has revealed that he underwent plastic surgery on his nose.

The reality TV star shared his story in Now magazine, admitting that cruel trolls had driven him to seek out plastic surgery: “It’s so pointless what they are dong, and so cowardly. It doesn’t do anyone any favours. It’s pathetic. They don’t realise the effect their words can have on people.”

We can’t believe people have been mocking Ricci over his nose – it looked perfect to us!

However, Vicky’s ex-fiancé headed to Poland to undergo the procedure and has said he is now happier than ever, thanking the clinic who did it on Twitter: “And thankyou [sic] @europesurgery for making my nose look sooooo soooo good it’s a beauty.”

As long as he is happy with himself that’s all that matters, let’s just hope he doesn’t let the trolls get to him in future.