Funny celeb twitter row kicks off over a potato


Professor Green seems to be at it again on Twitter, this time feuding with Rizzle Kicks over a potato.

Yes, you read that right. It all began when Professor Green decided to share with his followers that he burnt his mouth after eating a potato and Rizzle Kicks decided to reply back to rapper about their lack of interest on the topic.

Of course Professor Green didn’t take it well:

professor green twitter row

But Rizzle Kicks were ready to fight back with a funny reply:

rizzle kicks funny reply

However the Twitter feud began to get more personal when rappers began to insult each others’s music and fanbases:

twitter row 2

Professor Green suggested a ceasefire when tweeting that Rizzle Kicks were “only embarrassing themselves.”

But Rizzle Kicks didn’t back down then tweeting a hilarious Instagram snap of a car crashing in reference to Professor Green’s court appearance over drink driving last week.

rizzle kicks potato crash

But the rappers have seemed to have ended the Twitter feud after Professor Green tweeted that what was occurring between the three rappers was more of a joke:

Professor green apology

Rizzle Kicks also went to re-tweet this, so all is well again on Twitter.